Circoloco @ WMC ميامي بيتش الفتيات الساخنة الرقص في حمام سباحة (إيدن روك فندق)

مؤتمر الموسيقى شتاء 2010

إذا فاتك جزء 1 :

هذه المقالة كُتبت ضمن التصنيف مقتطفات يوتيوب. الوسوم: , , , , , , , , , , , . أضف الرابط الدائم إلى المفضّلة.

  1. Mrjam53 كتب:

    The dancer is hot

  2. djwu1823 كتب:

    thats how you get pink eye!!!

  3. ExitForMusic كتب:

    lol granma at 1:19

  4. SundaysatSpace كتب:

    hahah geil!! ;-)

  5. stevesadeedUtube كتب:

    shameless pple

  6. PodCap24 كتب:

    so many sluts and douches

  7. moherboss7 كتب:

    reading the title i was like how does this have 3 dis likes then the video started and i was like oooo .

  8. RebornMB كتب:

    Huge gathering of douchebags

  9. tystorm27 كتب:

    i would love to be that dude

  10. stanciuSIE كتب:

    america and house music … HAHAHAHHAA

  11. sancap14 كتب:

    Massive herd of douchebags.

  12. spongebobworldonline كتب:

    I would love to be the person lol

  13. monkeyman1140 كتب:

    Women take note:  This chick lifts weights, and doesn’t get bulky, so quit whining about your worries about lifting giving you muscles. Get off the treadmill and lift.

  14. fcruz361 كتب:

    You are gorgeous and by the way, nice abs. Also I think your voice makes you ever better.

  15. OpiumBeast كتب:

    this is true. Women have a higher percentage of body fat than men do. I suppose it may be hard to prove in America, where everyone is fat, but this is generally the rule. However, men carry most of their fat in their abdomen while women carry most of it in their breasts and buttocks.

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