E3 رقص ساخن!!!!!!!!!!

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18 Responses to E3 رقص ساخن!!!!!!!!!!

  1. PlumpFairie23 says:

    stop at 0:27 so funny!

  2. MikeyJ527 says:

    @AllDayEveryDayXbox wtf’s wrong with you o_O first of all you shouldnt assume okay, im not even talking to you so shut the fawk up and i just thought this place looked nice, so I asked where it was cuz im traveling the world in a few years and thought i might stop here. And i think youre the stalker looking at my comment and having the guts to think that, and what do you mean “you people” im not an effin 60 year old perv…Im not even gonna go on because god will punish you for me(: good day b(:

  3. AllDayEveryDayXbox says:

    @MikeyJ527 You mean hi I am stalking you and want to know where you live, i know how you people think

  4. MikeyJ527 says:

    hey justine, where is that like what state or whatever do you live in cuz that town seems ccol

  5. kristopherm3 says:

    Justine your a great dancer! What I would give up to dance with you :)

  6. ThomasDoLad says:

    0.26 orgasm face!!

    Thumbs up

  7. Nicol19687 says:

    this girl is awesome shes funny and loves video games
    thumbs up if you agree

  8. updisho says:

    I’m pretty sure Toby and Justine were dating at one point but just recently broke up. I mean they both went to e3 and both took videos of themselves at e3, But Toby is not in justines videos and justine is not in tobys videos.

  9. Funnygirl10111 says:

    @Funnygirl10111 LOL I MEAN WHERE IS IT AT?

  10. Funnygirl10111 says:


  11. brysen98 says:

    Where is E3 at?

  12. EvadeTheRobots says:

    Thats Right Girls SMACK THAT ASS at 0:47

  13. 1xXcoolioXx1 says:

    OMG im so jealous!! i watched like, the whole 4 days of this on g4 lol, i kno im a nerd. and my favorite video game… i really think it’d have to be Resident Evil, that game scared the living pee outa me when i was little. But right now im really into the Uncharted games and i cant wait for Skyrim… oh geez idk LoLz

  14. iroryjf says:

    so excited for wii u i also think its a stupid name

  15. MsMelonater says:

    I’m addicted to Black Ops, especially call of the dead zombies! :)

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