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  1. Maria Barretto كتب:

    Este filme é amazing…maravilhoso

  2. jermaine zayas كتب:


  3. فهد العمراني كتب:

    وش جايبكم هنا

  4. Jairo Parra كتب:

    What if the squids see this stuff. You would be responsible for the squids being exposed to such
    immoral indecent material…lol Shame on you.

  5. said sala كتب:

    I thing I exagerated in my reponse, it was one ashol and I should’nt generalise.I am also surprised that i used the word ‘slaves” it is not me.Yes i know what you say is true and I think the world can still live i harmony and peace if just some mesures were taken for the better understanding.

  6. DivineMystic1111 كتب:

    We’re not all that way, I promise! We Awakened Ones hate the media and government just as much as people from other countries. We know how messed up it all is! I hate what they’re doing in the Middle East, and I hate the military all together! However, there are many people here who are slaves and brainwashed, and I try every day to Awaken them.

  7. said sala كتب:

    I use that oil,,for my hair some times.

  8. said sala كتب:

    my dear friend, those western are not worth what they prtend to be, they respect nothing, you get surprised when you live with them ,they are very regular persons not angels like their goverments and media pretend,, they are racist, less social and hate others,,,, it is question of time hen our eastern civilzatios rise back again and we will make them our slaves,,,

  9. dragoons9009 كتب:

    It’s like Fingersmith.

  10. kambingitam2311 كتب:

    they r super hot babe

  11. suhas sahadevan كتب:

    go and fuck ur mother

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