GamesCom 2010 — بوث الماسح فاتنة الساخن الراقص

حزب ممتاز مع بعض فاتنة الرقص الساخن — الماسح @ GamesCom 2010! لمزيد من لعبة الفيديو ، ومقابلات وتقارير من الأحداث الخاصة في جميع أنحاء العالم — زيارة تغيير نتائج المباريات قناة الترفيه!

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17 Responses to GamesCom 2010 — بوث الماسح فاتنة الساخن الراقص

  1. Kaionai says:

    LOL at the start of the kid with now reaction…

  2. under18yeah says:

    lol they guy with black shirt at 0:54 watch the sexy babe ass so sharp right in the ass ^^

  3. maosef says:

    @AncestralViews i will give it to you, thats witty

  4. AncestralViews says:

    @maosef Wouldn’t need to burn books these days… nobody reads them

  5. maosef says:

    @maosef stoned women wearing* im not retarded just dyslexic

  6. maosef says:

    @AncestralViews Well i really went and fucked up everything us humans have been going for by mispelling two on the fucking internet. I also bet they were a lot less free and dogmatic back then, Do you know a lot of freuds theorys were based around how sexually repressed people were back then? however you would have us burn books and stoned wearing anything but a dalek costume

  7. AncestralViews says:

    @maosef You are such an idiot. You say you don’t care about the future of the human race and you go on to mispell “two” how stupid do you have to be to use “too” instead of “two” I think people were much smarter when they weren’t surrounded with pornography or half-naked women. And you are a prime example of that.

  8. gonnersfromlondon says:

    my reaction as i saw this video:


  9. maosef says:

    @AncestralViews bla bla bla ethics morality future of the human race… who gives too shits shes hot

  10. AncestralViews says:

    @Rotemetoot I agree. I can’t believe that Razer would go so low as to have whores dance. I seiously lost a great deal of respect for Razer right there. Been looking at Logitech for a while anyway…

  11. slayerX2 says:

    @AncestralViews who cares shes hot :P

  12. ELMolliez says:

    the yellow shirt guy got a personal dance on the beggining… and whats up with them sexy chick dances… claps…. SHOWS A GAMING MOUSE ALL GO CRAZY!!!… well sort of.

  13. mrbacs1 says:

    @Rotemetoot agreed

  14. JakeCakeful says:

    They are not looking on other stuff because it’s more interesting thean the girl, it’s because they dont know what to do when a pretty girl is right in front of them. Eye-contact would killing one of those geeks :D

  15. Rotemetoot says:

    This is extremely pathetic

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