Mayadari Mosagadu

الدكتور Vijayalaxmi هو شيف Shankars زوجة كنها ضد زوجها النشاط الإجرامي. انها ملفات شكوى ضده. لمنعها من القيام بذلك، شيف شانكار رجا لص يستخدم الصغيرة إلى اعتراض لها. ولكن عندما رجا نفسه يقع فريسة لأنشطة Shankars شيف الشر يخطط للانتقام والدعم Vijayalaxmi د. وقال انه ينجح في الانتقام أو سوف شيف شانكار قمع وسلم؟

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  1. shemarootelugu says:

    Plls understand that this is a streaming platform and meant to be downloaded. Thanks for the comment. Pls comment, like, rate and share our videos. Pls subscribe to our channel and happy watching.

  2. Abid Farooq says:

    tumhari problem kya hai? jo download link disable karte ho

  3. Kennedy Palani says:

    me too bro….I think from 1996 I’m looking for this movie

  4. Abid Farooq says:

    why embedding disable?

  5. Abid Farooq says: flop flop flop site

  6. Abid Farooq says:

    best movie not download and flop movies download
    i am going new site find for this movie download available links
    this channel not goood

  7. Abid Farooq says:

    I Love You Soundarya
    God Bless You Soundarya
    I Love You Soumya (Soundarya)
    God Bless You Soumya (Soundarya)

  8. Abid Farooq says:

    Tell Me This Movie In Telugu Or Tamil?

  9. ranjither123 says:

    Just download the realplayer standard edition from web then you can download any youtube or other videos.

  10. divyapuku says:

    1:36:00 kiss

  11. abidfarooq27 says:

    Please Tell Me How To Download This Movie?

  12. shemarootelugu says:

    Sorry, Youtube is a streaming platform. It does not have a downloading facility. Downloading is illegal.

  13. 2vidya says:

    soundarya fully exposed her sexy body

  14. shemarootelugu says:

    We are sorry. Since we dont own those rights, we do not know if it is available. Thanks

  15. 2vidya says:

    dvd or vcd released or not

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