NERD — هوت ن المرح (النسخة الرسمية) قدم نيللي فورتادو

الفيديو والموسيقى التي كتبها NERD أداء الساخن المرح ن. (C) 2010 ستار تراك ، ذ م م

جعل هذا واحد تماما انطباع لي عندما كان عمري 3 — لاسيما انهم لا يرتدون أي السراويل. الشيء الوحيد الجيد عن تلك يعاود البكم هو أنها تجعلك نقدر أصول مجموعها أكثر بكثير.

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44 Responses to NERD — هوت ن المرح (النسخة الرسمية) قدم نيللي فورتادو

  1. yourfather59 says:

    fuck pitbull ad


  2. LouieGucciThat says:

    i came for pharrell you cracker

  3. kikou690 says:

    this song is hot n fun !!

  4. SlimTDC says:

    The Drummer is Meytall ?

  5. sunjai01 says:

    That bass guitar… MAHHGAWWWDDD!!


  6. ChrisianHan says:

    the dubstep one is So much better… just sayin lol

  7. DublinGit says:

    641 people are cold and board

  8. maleficentdiva says:

    This is a GREAT SONG! LOVE IT! love the harmonies! We should see this on Rupaul’s Drag Race! drag queens would love this song, talking about a new way to walk! HA HA! You better “WORK THE NEW WALK”! HA HA! I remember watching this growing up Sesame Street was THE BEST! I pitty kids these days TV is horrible! I was glad I was little during the 80′s when Tv was still good!

  9. HEBisreal says:


  10. bartman153 says:

    I agree!  Thanks for the post!

  11. MinagiV says:

    This was my absolute FAVORITE Sesame Street song… thank you so much for uploading this so I could share it with my son!!

  12. KickinSport2 says:

    the sad thing is that even with our advances in technology sesame street just started getting pathetic after jim henson died if he could see the materials they used to make the new hoots he’d probably shoot them all

  13. Garrettk41 says:

    Has anyone got the Oinker Sisters singing “Important”?

  14. rebrella says:

    OMG it’s real!  I thought I imagined this!

  15. KEATON459 says:

    Great song. No idea what part of Scotland Old MacDonald is supposed to be from, though.

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