NERD — هوت ن المرح (النسخة الرسمية) قدم نيللي فورتادو

الفيديو والموسيقى التي كتبها NERD أداء الساخن المرح ن. (C) 2010 ستار تراك ، ذ م م

جعل هذا واحد تماما انطباع لي عندما كان عمري 3 — لاسيما انهم لا يرتدون أي السراويل. الشيء الوحيد الجيد عن تلك يعاود البكم هو أنها تجعلك نقدر أصول مجموعها أكثر بكثير.

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44 Responses to NERD — هوت ن المرح (النسخة الرسمية) قدم نيللي فورتادو

  1. RichterBelmont12 says:

    This is Childhood right here my god I remember it all ^_^ I love Childhood

  2. luvu4eva1000 says:

    i luv this song since i was 5 lol

  3. rch1jr says:

    That muppet at the beginning voice remind me of Fat Bastard from Austin Powers

  4. MsScorpiolady says:

    oh my god!!!!!! i used to luv this wen i was little!!!

  5. xxmikexx187 says:

    Holy Shit! I remember this. been 20 years since i heard this holy shit.

  6. pokemon5621 says:

    isn’t he supposed to be feeding his animals instead of sleeping

  7. HEBisreal says:

    these must be  fat white women!

  8. poodlegirl4848 says:

    This song has stayed with me my whole life, a lot of great moments from this show are unforgetable. I remember when I first heard Aerosmith’s, “Walk this Way” I thought they were just really big Sesame Street fans.

  9. MariIynMonroe says:

    my god us 80′s kids rule!

  10. kenziekinz09 says:

    this is going on my ipod

  11. bendoafart says:

    why does the cowboy have a scottish accent?

  12. pokemon5621 says:

    omg my favorite teach me how to walk

  13. gorygonzalez says:

    I got upset when I realized they remade this song with Destiny’s Child!

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