SHINee DANCE REPLAY… السوبر لطيف taemin…

ooooooohhhh… jonghyun الساخنة السراويل الوردية! لطيف جدا في taemin beginnning! القيام onew الرقص WID taemin! مينهو عظمى لطيف!! KEY حتى تبرد واثق ~ ~

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23 Responses to SHINee DANCE REPLAY… السوبر لطيف taemin…

  1. samirajinki says:

    onew ah i really cant takes my eye off u!!!

  2. 21MeForever says:

    is my heart the only one that drops when i see their old videos ? theyre so different now . i like it but i also miss the old them . but SHINEE FOREVER<3

  3. kerrthysheela says:

    so..cute saranghe shinee

  4. madeline24100 says:

    so cute ahhhhhhhhhh

  5. ndnadia9 says:

    so awesome… but.. how did you get this vid?

  6. MiniMeYumi123 says:

    Taeminnie Oppa <3 Ahhhh!

  7. MiniMeYumi123 says:

    how do u get this video?

  8. lunaxrikka7890 says:

    AIGOO CUTE!!!!

  9. AnyNovelli says:

    oooooooooooooowh Taemin is bealtiful yes so cute shuashua I LOVE TAEMIN FOREVER
    i love shinee forver

  10. Hyunaeshiny says:

    Call the police! Key has stolen my heart!

  11. Hyunaeshiny says:

    key is always so handsome!

  12. Kiriko002 says:

    32 people got blind of this cuteness, sexyness and lovelyness so they miss the “like”-button : D

  13. OZsoph says:

    when onew nearly falls over ! my heart skipped a beat!

  14. FathinAmiraFathil says:

    KEY just killed me X_X

  15. KekiTan says:

    LOL i love how key, jonghyun and onew try and do taemin’s solo x3

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