TI ايمينيم قدم — كتب كل إنها (NFS الفيديو)

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37 Responses to TI ايمينيم قدم — كتب كل إنها (NFS الفيديو)

  1. ViniciusDanicki says:

    Hot cars and hot chicks, explosive and sexy mix.

  2. superfuckayou says:

    @mitsubishifactory read the title

  3. MaxeMouse says:

    Not one Supra……

  4. MalekSROMOVIES says:

    mom : what are u doing
    son : playing nfs hot pursuit
    mom : hot what !!??
    father : porn again ??
    mom : yah but this time on cars

  5. 0072Pittbullboy says:

    Cop racer….they Rock…usully..i never would say this…lol

  6. 0072Pittbullboy says:

    Sorry about my coment ..was not ment. 4this awsome vid Eminem Ti…was for SKR fatclown

  7. 0072Pittbullboy says:

    Hes devil…fking fat wimp…still liv with is mama….bitch….lik the song but he is a clown….funnyfatty.

  8. nosaleczek says:

    awesome video bro! good music and good game!

  9. MegaHardWar says:

    2:25 Very Good !!

  10. MegaHardWar says:

    2:25 VERY GOOD !!

  11. bandito1000 says:

    @allibiUR i know right :p
    this would be the police in heaven :)
    but this is the earth :p
    we have to accept that

    and btw i said: if every cop was a hot chick….
    i didn’t say that every cop is a hot chick ;p

  12. shaheryar59 says:


  13. TheBetuel07 says:

    @MousseAuChocolaat exactly my opinion 

  14. allibiUR says:

    @bandito1000 paradox, if you work by police, then not every cop be hot chick.

  15. lllHECTORlll says:

    damm there is not a good racing video game this days.

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